Friday, December 13, 2013

Travel is one of the Best Ways to Learn - Entertaining and Educational

Travel is naturally entertaining and educational. Everyone is relaxed and learning just seems to blossom. Our travels were brought to a sudden halt one and a half years ago as our focus switched to Leukemia. I'm so excited that they resumed last week when we spent three days skiing in Austria. Not only did we have fun, but the kids learned quite a bit too.

The tree line has been a topic in our recent earth science study of climates. Upon seeing it, the kids really understood the discussions. Avalanches tend to follow the same paths year upon year. They knock down trees and everything in the path. Avalanche runs as well as man-made wooden barriers were clearly visible many places in the mountains.

The glaciers on the peaks of the mountains in Solden enable skiers to enjoy their sport year round. Seeing a glacier and skiing on one was a first for everyone in the family. We discussed glaciers and read a short non-fiction glacier book upon returning home.

The mountain rivers contained huge boulders as did some hillside locations. This was a perfect introduction to erosion and how water can move rock.

The topic of man-made snow came up as did the subject of how houses look different in different regions.

The three complete days of exercise in the sunshine exhausted us the first day, but energized us the second and third. We recharged, learned and hope to return before the non-glacier snow melts.

I hope you all had wonderfully fun entertaining and educational weeks as well. Please share your posts.

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