Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chimney Sweep

This young man was very nice when I stopped him and asked to take his picture. He even brushed off his pants to look more presentable. He is a chimney sweep who goes door-to-door asking residents if they would like to have their chimney's cleaned. Our chimney is typically cleaned once per year and takes only a few minutes.

He asked if American's had their chimney's cleaned and was curious as to why I wanted his picture. It looks like the 4th of July in your chimney if it isn't cleaned often enough (according to my husband's memory from growing up). :)


  1. You were right to take it and share it - that's a great photo!

  2. Interesting uniform. In England chimney sweeps seem a lot like the US ones. We called set up an appt and they show up in jeans and old shirts;). We just got our chimney cleaned a few weeks ago. Mi love a good roaring fire

  3. Nice to look at the pic and the person who stands up better with his chimney sweep brushes. Just been prolific! This pic initiates me to take a snap of my chimney cleaners - Safeside Chimney. Would really wanna give a click :)


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