Monday, November 4, 2013

A Week of Unschooling

The unschooling method of homeschooling involves encouraging kids to pursue their interests by helping them find resources and exposing them to new topics, ideas and materials. That is exactly what happens in our house when we take time off from school. Here are a few of the educational activities that took place at our house during our break last week.
Exploring Gears (math, science, social skills)

Reading How Math Works (math, reading)

Cooking (math, responsibility, reading)

Designing a House with Google Sketch-up (math, engineering, computer skills, art)

Playing Battleship (math, strategy, social skills)

Much more went on during our week; sewing animal hats, creating with modeling clay, playing outdoors, history co-op, creating and videoing plays, and more, and more, and more....... but yet we are not unschoolers - why? Maybe someday we will be?

Jemma's doing well and we are scheduled to visit the hospital on Wednesday. In fact, we are scheduled to visit the hospital every two weeks until June. If she gets a fever or normal kid illness, we will make additional hospital visits. In the mean time, her life is very normal for a 6 year old child.

This blog has been a useful tool for communicating updates in Jemma's Leukemia treatments and we are all so happy to be in a regular maintenance routine. With this change the Monday blog posts have been transformed from Leukemia updates into updates on what the family had done throughout the week and I feel they are no longer necessary. If there are medical issues in the future I will be sure to write about them, but don't plan to provide updates on a weekly basis. Thank you all so much for your support.

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  1. I just happened across your blog. It looks like something I would have loved while homeschooling. I did a lot of unschooling with my kiddo. One of the weekly activities that I found to be very educational but often overlooked was our weekly trip to the grocery store. We learned about nutrition. We calculated best prices for items we were purchasing (and we were surprised to find that bulk items often cost more per ounce than the same item in a smaller quantity). We budgeted our shopping allowance and if the kids found a way to save money we used it for something they would especially like. We learned to estimate weights by comparing our estimates of the weight of a bag of produce with the measured weight from scale. We calculated the total bill, then calculated the change we would receive from the cash I paid. We learned about nutrition. Even with trips to museums and science centers, I found the grocery store to be the best classroom for my kiddo.

    Education is everywhere, as long as a parent takes advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Formal education gives structure, but children will appreciate the value of what they are learning even more when the lessons are applied to real life scenarios.
    Have a wonderful adventure homeschooling! Your involvement in your children's education shows them that you place a high value on their development, and that learning is something to be treasured.

    1. Becky - Great ideas. The grocery store is full of education and especially math. Those are also excellent life lessons:)

  2. What relief you must feel, that your little one is doing well. I'm so happy to hear this!


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