Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Harvest Week

Reading this blog may seem confusing at times. I write about beginning history studies on India and Egypt, yet post about Persia. I write about studying earth science and post human body activities. I talk about my 12 year old daughter and 11 year old daughter in the next post. She is not aging backwards. It's all because some of the posts are pre-scheduled.

My Monday update posts are always current. They are meant for friends, family and anyone following the current status of Jemma's Leukemia treatment. Since she is doing well I have begun writing more about our week and less about how Leukemia is effecting our lives.

As for our studies, for history last year we covered Persia and Rome. The activities from the two units are currently posting on Saturdays and will continue through most of the fall. This year I intended to cover India and Egypt, but am switching gears to medieval history instead. Once we complete the medieval studies the posts will follow.

Last year for science we studied the human body, but only about half of the activities we did have been posted. The remainder of the human body projects will post on Sundays. In addition, during our human body studies, we snuck in a short astronomy unit. The astronomy posts will likely follow the human body activities. After all that's done the earth science topics we are covering this year will appear. 

That's right! They will magically appear. Ok, so I have a lot of writing work to do in the evenings.

Remember Monday posts are always current. So here's what has been happening this week.

Guess who has been quilting?

And lost her first tooth.

Well she has been too.

We've also been harvesting this week.
Tomatoes, Corn and Cucumbers

Peppermint for tea

Grapes from the vine

Our India Unit Study began and ended rather quickly. We are switching gears to join the history co-op group for medieval studies. India will have to go onto the back-burner.

Our earth science studies began with stars. It seems like a strange place to start doesn't it?

It's been over a week since we've been to the hospital, but Jemma is scheduled to visit on Wednesday to have her blood checked again.


  1. Julie, You are going to be busy! -Savannah

  2. I can be all over the place with posting things as well. No worries.


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