Friday, August 30, 2013

Entertaining and Educational = Hobbies and Handicrafts

The Hobbies and Handicrafts weekly link-up is getting a new name.

Entertaining and Educational is a primary goal for teachers. Kids are motivated when they enjoy what they do, and thus are learning with enthusiasm. It makes our job as educators easy.

If you've linked up in the past, please continue to do so. My favorite posts are the ones that are Entertaining and Educational.

How can vegetables be incorporated into math and play? Shaunna at Fantastic, Fun and Learning has lots of great ideas that include sorting, counting and comparing. I really like this idea because it involves a healthy food:) Soon she will be blogging about using vegetables in art.

Thank you for linking up your Entertaining and Educational projects.

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  1. I love the new link up title, Julie. As an uncrafty-person I feel much more worthy of joining in! :-D


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