Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dubrovnik Churches

Most of the churches in Dubrovnik, Croatia are relative new compared to other European churches. An earthquake in 1667 devastated the city. The damage was so bad that all of the churches in this post were extensively repaired or built afterwards.

The steeple of the Dominican Monestary can be seen through this window in the wall surrounding the city. Although the Dominican Monestary dates to the 1300's, it was extensively restored after the 1667 earthquake.
 The Dubrovnik Cathedral was restored after the 1667 earthquake.

Franciscan Monestary dates to the 1300's, but was rebuilt following the quake.

St. Blaise is named for the patron saint of Dubrovnik.  St. Blaise was built in the early 1700's in the Baroque style.

Construction began on the Jesuit Church of Dubrovnik directly following the devastating earthquake of 1667. Much of the architecture was modeled after the Jesuit Church in Rome, Italy.

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