Friday, May 17, 2013

Community Support - Thank You

Unbelievable, overwhelming, and incredible are some of the words that come to mind when I think of the Lotto Elf event which took place last night to benefit Jemma. Honestly, I don't feel like thank you begins to express the appreciation my family and I have. The event raised over 13,000 euros.

Never in my life have I experienced anything close to this amazing amount of community support. So many people gave both their time and money to make this event a success. Our local sports club initiated and organized the match with Lotto Elf. Siegbert and Peter spent much of their free time organizing. Volunteers hung signs, directed traffic, sold food and drinks, and spent weeks preparing the pitch. The pictures below only show a small fraction of the work that went into it.

The kindergarten Jemma attended until the day she was hospitalized did a pregame performance. They donned sunglasses and matching shirts as they sang and danced around the field. In addition, many of the families baked cupcakes and cakes to sell during the game.

'Oh Mickey' was the song the carnival club kids danced to. Carnival always starts at 11:11 on November 11. They love number patterns. I was speechless when they presented us with a large check for a number pattern amount.

Two weeks ago Billi, a friend from the carnival club, knocked on our door. In addition to selling schnapps at his house and numerous summer festivals he has a large crank-up music box on wheels that he plays. He wanted a photo of Jemma to attach to the music box in conjunction with collecting donations for her at his next festival.

Football (or soccer to most Americans) was the key to the success of the event. Little kids and their parents both had the chance to meet and play with idolized former national and professional players.

My friend described it best when she said "these men are beautiful." They were fun to watch and both the Lotto and local team put a lot of effort into the event.

I regret that I didn't take more pictures.

We have enjoyed the Musikverein at many local events. Here in our village, there is a music club. The band plays at many community events such as the Christmas Tree Lighting and Christmas Market, church holidays, and annual Kerwe Festival. It was an honor to hear them last night and to receive an incredible donation.

Members from both the Protestant and Catholic Churches in our village have been supportive. Their thoughts and prayers have been with Jemma from the start. The pastor presented us with a collection from church members last night, and as homeschooling is illegal in Germany, it was interesting for me to hear his comments on my blog.

The mayor of our village, as well as the mayor of Ramstein, were both in attendance along with financial support.

Numerous businesses sent donations; Sparda Bank, Pro Alpha, Statwerk Ramstein, Dominion Systems and Fit 'n Fun Fitness Studio among others. Several of my friends are members of the Fitness Studio. A few weeks ago they had a coffee and cake brunch for Jemma and then decided to donate 10 euros for every Facebook like they received for Jemma up to 1000 euros. It didn't take long to reach 1000.

Childhood cancer is a terrible thing. Cancer is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, it has touched many of our lives. This year has been not only difficult for Jemma, but for the entire family as well. Her body has been through many changes. Steroids and chemotherapy drugs have side effects. Logistically cancer is difficult to deal with because there are so many hospital visits, while normal family needs still exist. Emotionally it is a whirlwind of normal moments and constant worry.

To everyone who came out last night and who has helped us along the way we appreciate it. I just feel like I can't say thank you enough.

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  1. This so fabulous to your community came together for Jemma, Just awesome !


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