Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leukemia Benefit for Jemma - May 16

When we moved to Germany three years ago I had no idea it would be like this. I hoped to make some German friends, learn the language, get my children involved in sports and do some traveling.

Well the experience has been so much more. We have become part of our neighborhood community. Our village has a population of about 1,300. By joining the sports club and dancing club, and signing Jemma up for the community preschool, we have come to know many of our neighbors.

In fact, it is our German community who is holding the benefit event for Jemma on May 16th. My husband and I are truly overwhelmed by the support. The Lotto organization has a soccer team comprised of former professional athletes who travel around Germany playing in benefit matches. The festivities begin at 6:00. Before the game on the 16th of May Jemma's pre-school class will be performing, as will her dance class, and the local music club. There will be food and drink and a big soccer game.

By American standards, we have excellent medical insurance. But as those of you have been through a medical crisis know, insurance doesn't cover everything. The money raised at the benefit will be used to cover out of pocket medical expenses for Jemma's Leukemia treatment.

We are blown away by this unexpected but very appreciated act of kindness. - Thank You

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  1. How absolutely wonderful that you have such an awesome community!!!!! I wish I could be there to attend but I will be there in spirit and as always your family is in my prayers.


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