Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 235

We are at the peak of the Fasching (carnival) season. I'm a little bummed to be missing Old Wive's Fasching tonight and Jemma is disappointed to be missing all of the performances. Fortunately a few of the dancers made a special trip to the hospital to do a show today. On the left are two nine year old friends who competed in the young pairs dance. Jemma's sister did her dance and is on the right.

Jemma really loves to dance and be on the stage.  Since her strength is returning she decided to dance as well. I haven't seen her complete her dance since before Christmas so this was a real treat.

Our newest helper has arrived safe and sound despite the wild weather that came with her. The kids were very excited for their aunt's arrival and showered her with birthday gifts. Jemma purchased some coin purses for her and proudly exclaimed "I bought those for you with my own money. They came in a set of three, but I kept one of them." The response from her aunt "As well you should."

So this really has nothing to do with Jemma or Leukemia, but I have to say something about my son's insightful statements, because they are just so funny. He often pretends he is a computer making the memory card his brain. "My memory card can hold just as much as yours can. There just isn't that much on mine yet."

A few months ago when we were in Italy he had a close encounter with a stray cat which unfortunately gave him a little phobia. We were teasing him about his fear when he said "I'm not scared of people pretending to be cats. I'm afraid of the real thing."

While we were at the hospital today Jemma had her blood checked. She does not yet have enough white blood cells to resume chemotherapy. The plan is to return on Monday for a lumbar puncture and chemo.

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  1. We will continue to pray for her cell count to go up. What a pleasure to get a show like that :-) I hope she is dancing again soon.


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