Monday, January 7, 2013

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 204

Can you see how many olives she has in her bowl of Cheerios? Apparently this tastes good. Olives, and bratwurst are her two favorite things to eat.

Jemma has been doing a lot of sleeping. She doesn't even have energy to play. She doesn't want to do puzzles, read stories, dance, go outside or any activities.  Occasionally she will color and sew. She does want to sleep and eat.

On Friday her bottom opened up again. This caused her a lot of pain going to the bathroom, but after four days of cleansing with olive oil on toilet paper, shallow baths for her bottom and cream it is mostly healed.

Last night was a sleepless night for my husband and I as we were worried about Jemma. For much of the day on Sunday she complained of a stomach ache. She has had several lately due to the amount of food she has been consuming. Normally they come and go throughout the day in accordance with eating and bowel movements, but yesterday the stomach ache seemed more constant. I wasn't sure if it was due to the two bratwurst and hamburger she ate on Saturday, or due to a bacteria infection. Luckily it is looking like the stomach ache was due to food.

We spent the day in the hospital today for her third round of Phase 2A chemotherapy. Her white blood cell counts are now steadily dropping. This goal of the therapy comes with the challenge of her being again very susceptible to infection. We expect her immune system to remain very low for the next several weeks.

I'm happy that today her steroid dose was reduced from 7 mg per day down to 3 mg per day. Over the next nine days it will gradually be reduced to 0. Her attitude has been decent, but she hasn't smiled nearly as much as normal. I'm optimistic that this reduction will lead to a happier, more active little girl.


  1. Oh, the sweet thing. I am praying for you and your sweet girl. I'm hoping for a complete healing.

    I have a prayer request list on my blog on Sundays. I would love for you to link up:

  2. I thought it was fun to see her eat all that much, but I am seeing now it is not easy on her, on you, on anyone.

    I hope she finds some comfort soon. You guys too.

    Do you have Sudocream? It is like a Desitin for grown ups, and I do not know if it will be fine for your little girl, our girls use it. It helped us with small wounds we were confusing with hemorrhoids and which they were killing us at different times, but it was horrible.

    Sorry to be this explicit in this post, but my dh was even scheduled for a colonoscopy when his problem was a simple wound maybe caused by having hemorrhoids initially, but it kept bothering him to the point of having very very minor bleeding. Doctors, who do not really look at your behind much (I don't blame them, LOL), issue you a referral to the endocrinologist, and soon you have a major procedure to be sure you are fine. Procedure tells you you are fine, but your pain still is there. And months after, in Europe, he finds this cream, starts using it and it results to be a great balm and fast healing thing for any burning, wound, discomfort, etc.

    1. The doctors gave me a cream, but it's not called Sundocream, and it took care of her problem in just a few days. Unfortunately her issue is a common side effect of the chemotherapy medicines she is taking. Her doctors are not endocrinologists, but are used to dealing with this issue. I wonder if the two creams are similar?

  3. Olives in cheerios an interesting combination. These pictures remind me of the pictures of Jemma in her earlier treatment sessions. I hope this passes quickly for her and she feels more comfortable soon. Sending lots of prayers to your family

  4. I hope Jemma feels better soon. I know what it's like. My daughter is in an over eating phase due to medications also. It is not fun for anyone. I'm hoping this decreases because she will most likely be on this medication for the rest of her life.


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