Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leukemia - Live Life for Today

Since my daughter got sick we are thinking about life and death much more frequently. Life has a beginning and an end for us all. Experiencing a serious medical condition has brought this issue to the forefront of our thoughts. It just puts life in a different perspective.

My father recently sent me an email about living life for today which I though you may enjoy. Here's his story.

When my Dad came to an assisted living facility in my home town a few years ago, it was a very sudden event for those of us here and those from his town which were about 3 hours apart. Dad had only a few friends left in his town. Most had passed away by the time he needed assisted living.  None of them knew that he had left and I thought they should know what happened to Dad.

So I made a trip back to pay a personal visit on two or three people. One man was about 90 and was starting to have some serious medical problems himself. He and Dad had been close, playing bridge, sharing meals together, riding together in the car to help each other get to their destinations, talking together. The man had been a skilled violin repair person for most of his life. I liked him quite a lot.

I went to his apartment to see him and tell him about Dad. I told him that he would be welcome at my house. He sat there silently for a little while. I realized that he would never come. Then he said,  "All you can do in life is live today. You don't know what will happen tomorrow." It was a very sad moment for both of us.

What he said is a great truth. There are a lot of things in life we can influence. There are also many things that we cannot influence. All of us must live every day as best we can and be as happy as we can because we don't know when it will end.

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