Monday, December 17, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 183

I'm a bit nervous about the next two months. In the hospital today we shared a room with another little girl with Leukemia. She is one year younger than Jemma and just finishing up Phase 2A which is the phase Jemma began today. Her mother said it was very difficult. Her daughter needed to eat every hour and didn't want to do anything except watch television all month. In addition, her attitude was difficult as she had symptoms of "roid rage" throughout the month.

Jemma went in today for her last scheduled bone marrow biopsy and began steroid treatment. So far she has had nine lumbar punctures and six bone marrow biopsies. There are still two lumbar punctures left to go which are scheduled in Phase 2B. Phase 2A is similar to Phase 1A which was the very first part of her treatment.

The little girl we shared a room with was in the hospital because of a fever she had several days ago. A fever is a very common way to end Phase 2A. I know the constant eating and attitude will be difficult, but fevers are what scare me. However, every kid is different in the way their treatment goes. Some get fevers and some don't. I guess I will just have to deal with it if it happens, but hopefully it won't.

My oldest came with us to the hospital. Since I offered her the chance to pretend she has Leukemia a few weeks ago her attitude has been much better. Perhaps deciding she didn't want Leukemia forced her to seriously think about all the good and bad parts of Leukemia. Before I think she only considered the good.

Anyway, Jemma enjoyed playing games with her while recovering from anesthesia. I still feel it is very important for her to come to the hospital on a regular basis. Today she got to see Jemma getting weighed, measured, having her temperature and blood pressure checked, getting examined by the doctors, going to sleep after receiving anesthesia and recovering later. I hope seeing what actually goes on will remind her of how difficult Leukemia is and help her to find some sympathy in her heart.

Since it's almost Christmas we thought we would surprise the doctors and nurses with a gift. We packed two of these tins with socks, pens made to look like medical needles, and treats. Our next scheduled visit is Christmas Eve, and then we should have a day off to celebrate Christmas with our family in the morning. I wish you a merry Christmas.

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  1. Reading your updates with eagerness, and since you know we believe, praying for her not to have many symptoms.

    Yes, it is great what you are doing with your oldest girl. It is human not to see the whole thing, hopefully as you said, this will create more empathy and awareness of the whole picture.


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