Monday, December 31, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - 197

Everyone knows the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as it is a favorite in so many households. Well Jemma is a lot like the caterpillar, except she doesn't eat holes through the food. She eats all the food. On Friday she attacked a huge bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin, ravioli, carrots, a sandwich, three small sausages, a large bratwurst, a bowl of beans, rice, tomatoes, olives, guacamole, and cheese, an apple, a clementine, prune juice and V-8 juice. I'm probably missing a few things, but you get the picture. She is ravenous and impossible to fill. She will leave the table after a large meal and return 10 minutes later telling us she's hungry. We are spending lots of time in the kitchen.

She's not only eating, but thinking about food too. She told me next year she would like to have her birthday at the swimming pool and we will eat bratwurst there. She wanted to know how poor people ate if they didn't have money to buy food. When she found out they didn't eat very much meat she decided she didn't want to be poor. After telling her I would be preparing salad and lentil curry for dinner she suggested we make a pizza to go with it.

She ate a lot during phase 1A, but it was nothing in comparison to what she's doing now during phase 2A. The other two little girls we know who have just completed this phase have bulging cheeks and bellies. So does Jemma and she still has two weeks to go. Her stomach is so large it looks painful to me. The belly buttons of pregnant women often stick out instead of in due to the growing baby inside. Well Jemma's belly button does too. She also has stretch marks.

Luckily throughout all this eating her attitude has been fairly normal. Although she doesn't have much energy her blood is currently strong. The kids are going to start school again next week after a two week break. I added cooking breakfast to their daily list of activities. They are looking forward to have control of that part of the menu, and I'm looking forward to any help in the kitchen I can get.



  1. This is normal for the treatment so I wouldn't worry. Maybe her body needs the extra calories to fight the cancer during this part of the treatment? Glad she is doing better:) Hope you had a great christmas---Did you try the Christmas pudding? What did you think of it?
    My family preferred the Christmas cake overall. We ate ours with some ice cream:)

    1. We made four containers of pudding and finished up the first one today. Everyone loved it and I think we will make it again next year.

  2. I pray that your daughter responds well to treatment! Thank you for sharing with RAT!

  3. I am so glad she is doing well! I love the foods she is getting to get.


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