Monday, November 19, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 155

The first big dance show of the season was Saturday night. Each year at the November event the club gets a new princess and hands out lots of awards. Grandma and I went to watch my older daughter dance, but Jemma had to stay at home. Although she knows the dance, her immune system is not strong enough for her to be around crowds of people.

She was very disappointed to miss the show. This was the first time I have done anything besides grocery shop and typical chores since Jemma was diagnosed in June. It was nice to see people I haven't seen in months and the dancers did a great job. I wasn't prepared for the emotion I felt when Jemma's group performed. I cried through most of their performance. As soon as the music started I pictured Jemma practicing the dance in the living room. She really wanted to be there.

When the medals were handed out to Jemma's group I went on stage to receiver her's. That was another difficult moment for me. I couldn't look at anyone and only cried and thought how much Jemma wanted to dance. Luckily she is doing very well and I have no doubt she will put on a great performance next year.

She had fun at home with her brother and father and was very excited in the morning to find out she got a medal.

Her next treatment is scheduled for Wednesday. It will be her fourth and final round of methotrexate chemotherapy. After that she will have about a week of taking pills at home followed by a two week break from chemo. During the three weeks she will have to visit the hospital for short periods to have her catheter cleaned and have her blood checked.

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