Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 149

Jemma is still in the hospital, but feeling much better. She did several puzzles, ate two bratwurst for lunch and has her energy back. She is ready to go home. If her blood looks better tomorrow we will probably be released.

She has been spending tons of time on her iPad. It's the perfect invention for someone who has to stay in bed, or in one place all day long. There are so many fun educational games available. She knows her prime numbers up to fifty and is learning to multiply. Lemonade Stand is a game she plays that teaches entrepreneur skills. I recently learned how to sync it with iTunes. Now she can listen to music and audio books. Right now she's hooked on the Wizard of Oz. We can also read electronic stories using the iPad. Last night we read the Ugly Duckling.


  1. so glad to hear that Jemma is having good results! I enjoy your posts very much. My dc are 9,15 and 17. 12 yrs. of homeschooling are coming to an end for us as the children are starting public school.I am however interested in the projects that you do with your children and do some of them with my 9 yr.old afternoons and weekends.God Bless

    1. Peggy - I'm glad you enjoy the blog. There are so many good things about public school as well as homeschooling. As my kids get older I start to wonder about getting them involved in band, orchestra, plays and other big school productions. Hopefully you will gain a few minutes of free time soon. - Julie

  2. Julie - Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your little Jemma is adorable, and I'm hoping her blood will look good so she will be home soon. Your comment on my fairness post inspired our activity today, and it will be up tomorrow. Thank you for adding more depth to this concept. Blessings!


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