Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 123

Since we returned home last Sunday our lives have felt relatively normal. The kids have been working on school work and playing outside when the weather is nice. Jemma has done one million things ranging from constructing clay pots, to practicing the piano and playing games with grandma.

What's not normal are her taste buds. As I mentioned before, she continues to ask for plain, bland foods such as applesauce and rice. Meat has been a big turn off for her, but she has eaten a bit of milk and eggs. I'm starting to learn what foods she is willing to eat and make her a special plate or bowl for most meals.

Her immune system should be pretty low today, but we haven't been to the hospital since Sunday, so we're really not sure. Tomorrow morning she goes in for a blood check and then we will know more. Either way, she has felt good and been busy playing and learning at home.

My husband wasn't too happy with me taking pictures of him cleaning, but I did it because he doesn't get enough credit. He works so hard both at work and at home. Insurance claims connected with Jemma's leukemia still demand several hours of his time per week. Since my mom left, he has been mopping the floors every morning. He said it helps him loosen up his muscles. OK? and Awesome! In addition to all that he still has found some time to wrestle with the kids and take my son metal detecting. - We all love him!

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  1. So happy to hear that Jemma is doing well. Love you guys and send my prayers every day!


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