Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 95

Jemma and I went to the hospital today so she could get her blood checked and we got a treat. These two clowns stopped by to entertain the kids.

Her blood values are still decreasing, but weren't low enough today to require a transfusion. We get to stay home until Monday if she stays healthy. That will be three full days at home....... the most since June 12th. 
The clowns gave Jemma this parrot balloon, and she was fascinated with the shadow. Most shadows are black, but the balloon cast a pink shadow. Since the balloon is translucent, some light can pass through it. When it is held to the eyes, you can see through it, but everything looks pink. The balloon works in a similar manner to sunglasses......... We can check science off the school list for today.


  1. Oh that shadow looks amazing like that. I never thought to look at balloon shadows!

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday! Now I need to double check if she was able to stay home all 3 days.

  2. What a neat observation of her balloon. I can see creating a whole lesson with that concept. What a nice surprise to have clowns at the hospital. Will be checking next week to see how she's doing and how long she got to stay home.

  3. My kids are always so amazed when they see the colored shadow from balloons. Thanks for joining the After School Link Up!

  4. Clever science with the balloon, and I'm glad Jemma got a few days at home. xxx


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