Thursday, September 6, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 81

This week I had three sick kids - one with Leukemia and two with the common cold. Jemma has been feeling great. The other two haven't felt too bad, but they have sore throats, runny noses and some coughing. We have been working hard to keep this virus from spreading. The older kids have been doing their school work in their rooms. We have been delivering their meals and encouraging them to spend some time outside. Actually I think they have kind of enjoyed their confinement. My oldest has been doing her quilting and reading completely uninterrupted, while my son is taking advantage of his newfound computer time.

The three adults in the house have been cleaning. Grandma sweeps, mops and vacuums the common areas every day. She also cleans the bathrooms. I've been cleaning the sinks and toilets daily too since the kids got sick. So they are being cleaned at least twice. All three of us use bacteria killing wipes once or twice per day to sanitize handrails, doorknobs and lightswitches.

Today the kids seem to be feeling better, so maybe tomorrow they can roam the house as usual. Jemma received her fourth dose of Alexan this week. If she stays healthy over the weekend we don't have to go to the hospital until Monday. That will be three days at home........ the longest time since June 12. I hope we make it!

Four quick chemo treatments, a lumbar puncture and an overnight stay are planned for the upcoming week. That's a total of six days at the hospital. After the busy week there should be another break in treatment. This one is planned.

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  1. How awful to have your older two ill:( Hope everyone recovers quickly and Jemma is virus free. Glad to hear her treatments have resumed. I will be MIA for 2 weeks will catch up when we get back:) As Always I have Jemma and your family in my prayers


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