Monday, September 3, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 78

Jemma resumed chemotherapy today. The reason for the long delay remains unexplained. The dormant virus is the most likely, but unproven cause. If all goes well we will visit the hospital three more mornings this week for chemo.

It has been another stressful weekend. Although Jemma has been feeling good, her brother came down with a cold. His sore throat on Saturday turned into a runny nose and coughing on Sunday. What is most likely a simple virus for him could prove very dangerous for Jemma. The doctors recommend lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer.

An adult with a cold like this should wear a mask and have limited contact with Jemma. Unfortunately, since my son has the cold, we felt it best to seperate him and Jemma completely. He is a boy! Although he is trying so hard, he touches everything. He has been washing his hands often and using hand sanitizer, but his fingers are always in his nose or mouth. He wipes his face on his shirt and he eats with his fingers. Rivers of food scraps flow from the edges of his plate when he eats. Funky smells emanate from his feet. He is the eye of the hurricane and germs are the surrounding winds. I see no need to go on. Yes - he is a boy!

Therefore, he has been isolated to his room. He can leave to play outdoors or use the bathroom. Since we brought him lots of food yesterday, and provided him two computers it took him a while to realize he was being secluded. He watched every episode of Curious George in every language on youtube, researched treasures that can be found with a metal detector, played some on-line multiplication and geography games, and did some school work. (It was Sunday. We have been taking Monday off and having school on Sundays because it works best for the hospital schedule.) Around dinner time he decided he wanted to play in the living room. I felt so bad telling him how important it was for him to stay upstairs.

Jemma normally shares a room with him. So this has been difficult for her as well. For the past few days she has not been allowed into her room and is now sleeping in the living room. So far nobody else has caught his sickness. I hope nobody does.

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  1. Sending our thoughts and prayers every day and glad to hear that chemo has started again. Kisses and hugs!!


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