Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leukemia and Discipline

I have great, well-behaved kids, but every once in a while they need a time-out. On the fifth day my daughter was in the hospital I asked my husband if it was alright to put a kid with Leukemia into time-out. Surprisingly enough he had already received advise on this topic. "Yes!" was the answer.

My sister was a cancer nurse for eight years and said all too often parents let the discipline go. The results can end up being much more difficult to deal with than the mental challenge for the parents of disciplining a sick child.

Jemma has a very strong idea of how the world and everyone in it should work. The other day at the hospital she asked me to hand her paper towels to dry her hands. I agreed, but stuck my hands in the water to wash them first. Well this was not her plan and it started a chain reaction which included her spitting on the floor, dispensing lots of soap into the tray, and ended with her in time-out.

I was a parent before Leukemia and still need to be a parent during treatment. We had a routine for our day and certain expectations regarding behavior. Fits and spitting on the floor have never been ok for me. Our daily routine has changed significantly, but letting her know there are limits is still very important to her development. It was hard to put her in time-out the first time after her diagnosis, but now it just seems like part of the normal parenting routine.

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  1. You know, I hadn't even thought about discipline when your kid is sick. I can see how it would be really tough on all of you.


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