Monday, August 13, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 57

Low platelets, leukocytes and hemoglobin levels caused Jemma's treatment to be temporarily stopped today. We spent the entire day at the hospital. Initially I thought we would not visit until tomorrow, but her blood needed to be checked. Since the levels were low she received platelets. Treatment will likely resume in three to seven days depending on the results of blood tests.

Despite all this she feels really good. She has been dancing and crafting all weekend. I go through many ups and downs in my moods and thoughts. For some reason tonight I have lots of worry about a fever coming back. What if she picked up bacteria while she was throwing a fit at the hospital today? What if when I served her meal I touched her food? Did she catch cough when she walked through the lobby at the hospital? It is actually a constant worry which I usually try to put out of my mind. So now I will write about something else and try to put it out of my mind.
The German kids in our area went back to school today. I have been thinking a lot about homeschool for the upcoming year and in fact began yesterday. We are making several changes this year because of Jemma's Leukemia. Originally we planned to have her attend the German pre-school again. It is small school, with caring teachers who do many activities with the children. She spends lots of time playing memory, crafting and learning both French and German. Unfortunately since she can't fight off illness we will be keeping her home instead.

Given that we will be spending lots of time in the hospital the two older kids will have to do their work much more independantly. They both have a list of things-to-do and we will have a morning meeting to go over any questions for the upcoming day. Silent reading, some math, piano and violin practice, watching a children's video in Spanish, some writing, and even science experiments can be done on their own. Weekly projects, reading with me and some math and writing will have to wait for days we are home or afternoons. The first day went well for everyone (even Jemma). It's the second day that always gives me troubles. Today I cancelled school in exchange for a house cleaning and trip to the swimming pool. So the second day will be tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow your a Mom and you are dealing with something out of your control. Worry is so much a part of it. Praying for piece for you and your family.

    Yea for getting started with all that is going on. We started today too. :-) We usually have a great first week but the second week is always hard. The initial excitement has warn off and they aren't into the routine yet. Hope you have a great week and get into your new routine.

  2. So glad you Mom is there to help. No matter how old we get we still like it when our Moms arrive (at least I do) My Mom arrives in 4 weeks and I am looking forward to it.

    I know you are having some tough days/thoughts my prayers are with you and I know you have the inner strength to persevere and help all your children cope with this mini life crisis.

  3. Allison says: I love you Jemma, I hope you feel better soon. Come join me at our house as soon as you can.
    Owen says: I hope you feel better soon. Please come and see us so we can give you a hug and play together.
    Caroline says: We love you and we are amazed daily by your strength, honesty and courage. I miss you and would love to send you something soon. What type of fabric could we send? xoxo

    1. That would be wonderful. The girls have been sewing non-stop since Grandma came. They would like two orange clover yoyo makers and any cute pink or purple fabric you see. They love it all! - Thanks


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