Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 53

My mom arrived today! Ironically I am finally starting to feel caught up. The house looks pretty clean and my husband and I actually spent some time together yesterday pulling weeds out of our garden. Maybe I feel caught up because a friend brought some dinner, another swept the driveway and another took my oldest away for the afternoon? Either way, I'm very excited that my mom has arrived. Although the tasks no longer seem to be piling up, I haven't really had time to do anything besides work in the three full days and few half-days I have spent at home. Since the towels must be changed daily there are two or three loads of laundry per day. I'm cleaning much more obsessively than ever before. Vacuuming, mopping and dusting every few days still don't feel like enough. Cooking easily takes a few hours. There are nursing activities such as preparing mouthwash, giving medications and changing bandages which are new items on my daily list.

If you know my mom, you probably know how much she can accomplish in a day. She is a machine! At 68 years old (sorry mom for revealing your age) she still runs three miles every day. She loves crafts, tennis, bike riding, exercising and playing with the kids. She's not a fan of cooking, but will gladly help clean-up any mess. It will be very nice to have a second mommy around to be here if Jemma needs to be hospitalized, and to just help out with the chores. I'm hoping to finish reading The Writers Jungle which is the homeschool writing curriculum I'm planning to follow this year. Now that she's here maybe I can get through it.

We are nearing the end of a busy week. It has been filled with planned trips to and from the hospital. Today Jemma received her third blood transfusion. Yesterday she was crying because she had such a terrible headache. The blood transfusion should give her hemoglobin a big boost and stop the headaches. The blood she received did not contain platelets, and so tomorrow she will likely receive a platelet transfusion. After receiving her Alexan chemotherapy, her blood will be checked and we will wait one hour for the results to see if the transfusion will be necessary. After that we should have three full days in a row at home. Wow! That will be nice.


  1. So happy that your mom arrived safely! Praying for time to read, pull weeds, enjoy family time, and no unplanned visits to the hospital.

  2. Glad your Mom is there. We have a package from the HS group heading out tomorrow, there will be some packages just for Jace and Jaela, we know how it is when only the sick on gets presents. Hope the cards and wishes get to you soon.

  3. Horray for gramma! I hope you can catch your breath a little bit Julie. Thinking of you!


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