Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 46

If you've been reading this blog you know it has been another rough week. Since we were in the hospital for another five nights I had lots of time to knit. I finished another hat. This is the hat Jemma designed. Dancers - What else would you expect?

After her fever went down during the night on Sunday morning it stayed down. Jemma got better each day until we went home today (Thursday). On Wednesday morning she had to have another hearing test. The very strong antibiotics she was given can cause hearing loss. She had a little trouble getting through the test, but her hearing was excellent. They did three seperate tests; a visual check of the eardrum, a test to see how the ear responds (function check) and a test where Jemma had to indicate when she heard the sound. The last test was the issue. She refused to do the test. While wearing the headphones she was supposed to raise her hand when she heard the sound. She just wouldn't do it. The test was abandoned for a few minutes and then another tester tried her luck with Jemma and was much more successful. She went to a different room and was given a button to push when she heard the sound.

Did you know Jemma was a strong girl and stands up for what she believes in? She has not yet spoken to a doctor or a nurse. She just doesn't see the point.

We made it home today but barely. Jemma threw-up her entire lunch on the car ride home from the hospital. Again I had to pull over on the side  of the autobahn because I was worried about her choking. Although there was puke everywhere she didn't have a fever. I undressed her, cleaned her a little with wipes and strapped her into her brother's car seat to finish the ride. This morning she was given another dose of the chemotherapy drug Alexan. It is known to cause nausea and she is supposed to have a Zofran pill before receiving the medication. Unfortunately, she did not receive the Zofran and I guess she needed it. Tomorrow morning we will definitely give it to her before the Alexan.

If all goes well over the next several weeks, Jemma will be at the hospital four mornings per week and then home for three days in a row. Then she will spend one full day and night in the hospital.

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  1. OH poor Jemma such a rough time. I had to be on Zofran 2X because I had severe nausea when I was pregnant with my children. I have to say at least for pregnancy nausea it is a miracle drug, at least it was for me, hope it works as well for Jemma

  2. Happy to hear that Jemma was able to go home today!! I'm hoping her next visits to the hospital are 'planned visits' and also hoping that you can fit in one of those bike rides with Jaela and Jace! Love you guys!

  3. I just learnt about what's been happing with Jemma. She's such a brave girl. I'm so sorry that your family is going through such a difficult time. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Sending many hugs. Yall are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Zofran is a must..demand she gets can make this process so much easier... I love that she just doesn't seem the need to speak..."it is what it is" type attitude is a strong one!


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