Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 18

The nurses have been checking Jemma's hand and foot rashes all day, which she does not appreciate. They don't bother her too much and the nurses want her to put cream on them which does bother her. The rashes are caused by an allergic reaction with the chemo, but are not currently a major concern.

Jemma had the three stitches from her catheter insertion removed from her neck and ate a ton of food. The steroids she is taking continue to give her a large appetite. Her general condition seems much more stable than when we first arrived and she has completed most of the baseline checks on her kidneys, heart, brain and other body parts. Her next chemo treatment will be on Monday. I'm planning to take a short break on daily Leukemia updates as thankfully things are slowing down a bit. Unless something major happens, my next update will be Monday.


  1. Enjoy your weekend and I am glad to hear things are slowing down a bit for Jemma:)

  2. Let us know when our package gets there, we're trying to time the next one which will have stuff for Jace and Jaela too. Everyone in your family is in our continued prayers.


    1. Will do. Sometimes it takes a few days to get from the post to the hospital. - Thanks Julie

  3. I am glad things are holding steady and she is doing well. Yall are in my thoughts. HUGS


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