Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 17

Happy 4th of July. Jemma has now lived longer in Germany than in the United States. I asked her today if she knew the colors of the American flag, and she said "Red, Yellow and Black". Well, those are the colors of the German flag. I was hoping she would get to experience her first memorable 4th of July this year, but I suppose it will have to wait. Instead we read a few books about the celebrations.

Yesterday I wrote about a little boy that was struggling here in the onkology ward. Late at night he did eat. He requested and ate some Chinese food. It is a constant struggle here, and he is not able to go home yet, but that was a step in the right direction.

Today Jemma had a rash on both her hands and feet. She has had the rash on her hands for a day or two, but the foot rash is new. She said her feet were hurting when she stood up. I don't think the rash is a huge issue, but it is something I will discuss with the doctor in the morning.

There is quite an extensive entertainment/education program here at the hospital. Once per week an art teacher comes. On a different day a music teacher comes, and on yet a third day a pre-school teacher visits. For the families there is a breakfast on Friday mornings and for the parents a coffee and cake brunch.

Today we made greeting cards with the art teacher. First we tie dyed coffee filter papers with fabric dyes. The papers were folded and the quickly dipped into the color. The results were fantastic!

The papers were dryed with a hair dryer and then ironed under a sheet of wax paper. When they were dry the children cut out shapes and glued them onto cardstock paper. Jemma made six already and has six more she is planning on completing tomorrow.

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  1. Found your story from never lose your sparkle. Thinking of Jemma tonight! :-)

  2. Sort funny that she didn't know the flag colors, only because my son has lived longer in England than anywhere else and can barely remember our house there. Plus people are saying my kids are beginning to pick up a UK accent:)

    Glad the hospital has things for the children to do to help pass the time...The cards look great:)

  3. Those turned out really pretty!


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