Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leukemia - Treatment in Germany

Leukemia protocals used both in the United States and in Germany are developed in Germany. The Germans have an excellent understanding of her illness and how to treat it. We are in a medical facility which specializes in children's cancers.

The staff is excellent. All of the doctors speak English and many of the nurses speak English well. Since moving to Germany I have been working on learning German. Now I am very thankful for that decision. It has helped immensely with the staff that only speaks German. Although I only understand around 60%-70% of what is being said I have no problem asking questions such as "Her IV is full of blood, could you please come and take a look? I think her fever is coming back. Could you please check it? How long will she be receiving that medication?"

Although this is not the place I wanted to spend my holiday, it is very nice. The ward is not very full so my daughter has her own room. I have a bed in her room. There is free internet access. An excellent playroom containing puzzles, games, books and toys for all ages keeps the kids occupied when they don't have visitors or doctors appointments. A kitchen and dining room are available for families to use as they would at home. They also provide meals. That's right - no cooking for the month. I like that.

We plan to remain here and have Jemma treated in Homburg for the duration. We are thankful the doctors in Kaiserslautern did such a thorough job in getting to the root cause of Jemma's bacteria infection. Now we know the source of her pain and can go through the treatment to make her well again.


  1. That is such a relief that you can communicate in English (and you know German) I can't imagine how scary this would all be if there was a communication problem.

  2. Nice that leukemia treatment in Germany is so good.


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