Monday, April 16, 2012


This week the kids decided to make suffle. At least that's what they called it. I asked them what section of the cookbook they found the suffle in, and they told me it was in the suffle section. - Well they had to show me the recipe for me to figure out what they wanted to do. The recipe came from our favorite 4 lb cookbook; Rodales Basic Natural Foods Cookbook by Charles Gerras. So onto the suffle.........

Flour, butter and milk were mixed into a white sauce over low heat on the stove. Meanwhile the egg whites had to separated and beat until stiff. This task proved quite a challenge as it took about 20 minutes.

Next the pan was buttered and floured while the white sauce, egg yolks and egg whites were mixed together.
The mixture was poured into a pan. The recipe called for a soufflé dish. I have no idea what that is so we used the pie pan.

Then we enjoyed the soufflé with halibut and sauerkraut (a German favorite).

Well not everyone. She doesn't care for fish and was thrilled to make herself a huge bowl(s) of oat bran.

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  1. A souffle pan is a deep dish with straight sides to allow support for the souffle to rise. (I looked it up so we both would know--we homeschooled too! So cool that your kiddos took on the challenge--whipping egg whites by hand is a job and a half! Thanks for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop.

  2. What a lesson is patience and persistence! My Happy Lil Hearts are Baking post is here:

  3. Hee hee, love that they made 'suffle'! Your kids are so adventuress in their cooking ~ it is so good, and I love that you let them run with it. I would love to try a souffle sometime too :-)

    Well done! And thanks for sharing on Happy lil ❤'s are baking!!


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