Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snowdrops and Ladybugs

In Germany snowdrops and ladybugs (Schneeglöckchen und Marienkäfer) are both signs of spring. Ladybugs are also a sign of luck. There is a German legend about the snowdrops that says God asked the snow to get color from the flowers, but they all refused except for the snowdrop. Therefore, snow lets the snowdrop blume first.

Each spring the children in the German preschool make ladybugs and snowdrops.

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  1. We have snow drops here in the UK and I love them. In the newspaper there was a new snow drop plant developed and sold for over 800 pounds (approx $1500) for a single plant! It is a very big deal here. I hadn't heard the story of them so going to tell my kids when they wake up:)

  2. I had some snow drops and LOVED them. They finally stopped blooming and I tried to find more and haven't been able to find anymore. The place I bought them from stopped carrying them and I thought I'd got the name wrong or something. Glad to hear I haven't totally lost my mind. I'll check more places now that I know I have the name right.


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