Friday, March 30, 2012

I Saw it on Vacation - Week 7 - March 30

What have you seen on Vacation? "I Saw it on Vacation" is a weekly link-up for kids and adults to learn about geography. Many of us have been to exciting places and seen unique things. Let us dream about future vacations while we learn more about our world!

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Growing up in western Michigan, I was anxious to visit the Netherlands. There are many similarities between the two places. Much of western Michigan was settled by the Dutch. Looking in a west Michigan phone book, there are many last names which begin with Van. In the Netherlands, Van is a prefix seen everywhere. The cities of Holland and Zeeland in Michigan were named after the Dutch provinces of Holland and Zeeland. In addition, many family and business names in Michigan match the names of other Dutch provinces. My mother has always pronounced the work milk, "melk". Well the Dutch word for milk is melk. Each spring the city of Holland, Michigan holds its annual Tulip Time Festival, and each spring there are tulip festivals in the Netherlands. At the Michigan festival many participants wear traditional Dutch clothing including wooden shoes. In the Netherlands we visited a small business that made both cheese and wooden shoes. In addition to all of this, what really stunned me was how similar the land looked. When we were driving to the Netherlands the land became flatter and flatter and the roads became straighter. Even the vegetation was similar. We saw and learned many interesting things during our visit. It even helped me to understand my mom a little bit better.

What have you seen?

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  1. I love the giant shoes! I think almost everyone here in Minnesota pronounces it "melk". My five year old (who is learning to read) was so confused as he sounded out m-I-l-k, and had to ask what it was. I had to pronounce it the other way for him to get it (and of course I explained that a lot of people in other places do pronounce it the way it is written!)


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