Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Munich is a very fun city to visit. Much of the city was destroyed by World War II.
The New Town Hall in Marienplatz (center square) is the home to the famous Glockenspiel.

The Hofbrauhaus is the most famous beer pub in the world.

The banquet hall room was designed to look like the inside of a beer barrel, and was also the room where Hitler got his start.
 In the main area the ceiling decorations were repainted to hide the swastikas.

 The Siegestor Arch in Munich built during the 1800's by the Wittlesbachs (Bavarian Ruling Family) was severely damaged.
 This lamp post shows the city seal of Munich. The symbol can be found on buildings, manhole covers, lamp posts and other places throughout the city.

There are two beautiful palaces in Munich. The Residenz was the primary home to the Bavarian Ruling Family the Wittlesbachs.

Schloss Nymphemburg was the summer home to the Bavarian Ruling Family the Wittlesbachs.

 Schloss Nymphenburg houses many of the royal sleighs and carrriages from the Wittlesbachs.

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